Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My First Love Experience

The most valuable times of my past are spent in either dreaming or roaming; getting lost is one of my favorite things. I always manage to find friends matching my taste, just one at any time, the most memorable are with balaji, well more details about him in the later blogs.

There was no reason for these acts. It started when I was at 12, I felt the thrill of roaming streets you never been before or you does not know where it goes, it gives a kind of satisfaction of exploration, some things happened in my life at 13, that time when I was forced to stay at home strictly only school and after school back home.

Things change when I went to 10th when I got the company of balaji; he was from a totally different background and circle. He got what I loved most and wanted to have at that time, a bicycle (I still not have one). Not the fancy one but the atlas make bigger one, we discovered!!!! many places in Madras ( I like it in that name), in a line I want to be as him at that time, more than all he had a girl friend who I used to fantasize a lot.

Bicycle came in later part of our friendship before that we used to walk everywhere. Our first adventure!! Was the one we tried to find a land way route to marina from egmore!!!!!!!. We were 14 and never done things like this before, when we got down at the egmore it was around 9 am. I have been to beach many times but in bus and not by walking, we decided not to follow the bus route and will find a short cut.

With the basic geographic knowledge we decide to walk towards the morning sun. we both had ten rupees or some thing, at that time there were many places in Chennai where water will be available in mud pots near many stores and buildings which I never seen any place in recent. We’ll just talk and fantasize about our own life. The prime topic will be his girlfriend and he was glad enough to share her in our fantasies otherwise it will be how to conquer this world.

We went across the MMDC building and decided to go through chindadiripet, the streets were different there and it was very congested, even ayanavarm is also a congested place but this was different, many were Muslims there, their culture was exhibited very openly there, men with that caps and beards and women with pardahs houses were built with a different look. I had Muslim friends and been to their houses before and knew them closely but they were no like what we were seeing, we felt alienated there and walked fast and reached the chindadiripet railway station. The construction was almost complete, we both wondered how they going to run a train over the head all over city. We decided that our country is progressing very fast and soon there will be bullet train in India .

We reached the mount road and the coovam river was there to guide us to the beach, we started to walk through the radhakrishan road, right under the overhead railway tracks, the size of that structure was amazing the platforms reused on the big pillars and in the closer view we saw the gap between them, the idea of that thing was just rested on that pillar gave us a little fear, before we realize we had reached the beach road, we gave a quick walk through the Samadhi and went to the beach I was seeing the beach for the first time in my life.

Well I had been to marina many times before but all the times I went was evening where it was full of shops and peoples but what I see before was different when we had few steps in the sand I found tat we two are the only people at that time in that area, I was not in this world. Its like you know a girl for years and suddenly one day she looks different and you feel excited when you’re with her, well that’s love I think.

I was in love with marina at that second, we both were excited to see that scene, we didn’t talked much till we reached the water, we didn’t jumped in mad or shouted in joy but just leaped through the horizon, I didn’t know what he thought but I believe he thought the same. We just enjoyed the moments there and came back to the road. We just caught a bus back to home.

One thing was sure, we had what we went for and when departing to our homes we decided that we will do more like this very often. And we did.

(The song mere haath mein from fanna was running in the loop through the whole session of typing, the time was npw 12.45 and I had to sleep now bye.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Whats are we (my view of mumbai blast)

In the modern terrorism the leaders are no more the targets, its the common people like us. You kill a leader another one will replace him in less than 3 months, killing leaders wont affect the country at large as it seems, its us the people, its the injection of fear in to the common man to go to market, boarding a local train for daily work, the blow for the country's basics.

Its very much appriciated when mumbai regained its daily traffic in local trains , media shows it as the resilience of the common people for terrorism, but in real its not the fearlessness its the optionlessness that brings the resilience, to ignore the fear.

After the blasts the blood banks become full and lots of help came from every where and people lighting candle for the death it was realy sentimental, but is that enough.

If the same happens in U.S or Israel will the kind of response will be same, why cant we do that, is it so much for a nation with such a potential and cant hit back when hit.

When general Dyer killed a thousand in Jallianwala Bagh a bhagath sing emerged with many youths , even ten thousand will not make one like that today.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Hi Friends this is rajkumar, a loner, a dreamer, and a first class looser. Well this blog is about my experiences [some intresting] with this world. In the forth comming days i love to share my feelings experiences or what ever you call it with you. Hope you'll find it readable.